Sun. May 19th, 2024

Armidale Regional Council has put forward a policy that financially incentivises the construction of energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

The Draft Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) Policy seeks to provide incentives to people who build energy efficient and sustainable buildings. It is on public exhibition for ratepayers to comment on for the next three weeks.

Armidale Regional Council in partnership with the community is committed to achieving its Zero30 carbon neutral standards and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To do this council must develop policies that encourages and increases the uptake of sustainable development across the local government area. 

Armidale Mayor Sam Coupland said Council was leading the way in the region for affordable green housing and at the same time contributing to reducing the cost-of-living pressures long term.

“If we want to realise a more sustainable neighbourhood, one that makes our buildings more comfortable for our climate and reduces our carbon footprint, as a council we need to provide policies that help to achieve this,” said Mayor Coupland.

“Sustainable building design and the long-term financial benefits of reducing household energy consumption is not a new concept, but there is a perceived or real higher cost to achieving these standards.”

“If we can reduce some of these costs in the short term and there is an increase in sustainable design, hopefully in the long term this will normalise sustainable building.”

To meet the objectives of the policy the development must clearly demonstrate that it meets a number of sustainable building practices including:
• Improvements to liveability through climate orientation and compact living
• Thoughtful site selection and avoidance of excavation and vegetation removal
• Low embodied energy building materials and small building footprint
• Ensuring the development meets international energy efficiency and thermal comfort standards
• Water conservation through exceeding mandatory Government efficiency scheme requirements
• Careful consideration of prevailing climate considerations
• Retention of native and exotic trees, protection of ecological communities

To review the draft ESD policy currently on public exhibition until Monday 6 November 2023, visit council’s online engagement hub at yoursay.armidale.nsw.gov.au

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