Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Tomorrow is Grand Final day for Armidale Netballers as they wrap up an amazing season of fun, sun, and great netball at the Lynches Road courts.

“We have seven grades trying to take out premierships with the Division one final to be played at 2:20pm.” said Kristy Schultz, President Armidale District Netball Association.

Kicking off from 12pm, the courts are expected to host an impressive crowd, with a lot of interest in the division one game in the afternoon.

“The Div one game will be PLC verse VIP.” Said Kristy.

“PLC are coming into the grand final with two really close semis, the first against ACSC where they only won by two points and then last week, they had an epic match against TAS that went into double extra time and then they had to keep playing until someone was up by two.”

“It was incredible, and they totally deserve their spot in the final, and if they can get away with the win it will be back-to-back premierships.”

“We haven’t had a VIP team in Division one for a few years now and they are a really strong group of players, so it will be a really great match.”

With another sunny Saturday on the radar, the Association is praising conditions which reflect the season at hand.

“While we would love some rain, we have had beautiful weather throughout the season without a wash out, and we are really looking forward to this weekend to wrap up a great season.” Said Kristy.

The 2023 season boasted ADNA’s first male player registered for the regular season, opening new opportunities for the club and players.

“We had a young man who was loving playing netball at school, and he contacted us to help find a team and he has found a great squad with ACSC, and he is loving it, and he is great.” said Kristy.

“The men’s game is growing in Australia, and we would like to be part of that, so we will be looking for pathways for him and hopefully we can get some more guys playing as well.”

ADNA 2023 Grand Final, Saturday 16th September

12:30pm Court 1 Div 2: VIP Funbags v ACSC Bad Mums
                 Court 3 Div 4: TAS 4 v Uralla Jaguars
                 Court 2 Div Primary 1: PLC Blue s VIP Dragonflies
                 Court 5 Div Primary 2: TAS Primary v VIP Stars

1:30pm   Court 3 Div 3: TAS 2 v ACSC Magpies
                 Court 5 Div 5: VIP Vipers v TAS 3
                 Court 7 Div 6: TAS 6 v ACSC Lightning

2:2pm      Court 1 Div 1: VIP Blues v PLC Opens

*Presentation to follow the Division 1 match at 3:30pm

More ahead for ADNA

And while the winter competition will wrap up after this weekend, netball in Armidale will continue with a Twilight competition commencing next month and under new lights.

“It is very exciting, we have some new lights at the courts, just in time for our twilight competition so we are looking forward to getting them cranking.” said Kristy.

The eight-week social Twilight Competition starts 16th October, with registrations closing 4th October.

“If anyone is interested, they can jump on our Facebook Page ADNA Netball, if team managers could contact us so we can create a team registration link and then you can pass that to register directly from your team.” said Kristy.

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