Sun. May 19th, 2024

Arts North West ON TOUR (ANWOT) proudly presents HICCUP – A Windmill Theatre Company Production by Jude Henshall and Ellen Steele.

Hiccup is a psychedelic outback journey that sees a sleep deprived city-dwelling camper, a cheeky quokka and a particularly inventive emu join forces to help a koala that has come down with a nasty case of the hiccups. The trio work through the night, with the hope that they can all get some peace and quiet before the sun comes up. Hiccup is a hilarious rocking musical extravaganza about working together, finding friendship and how to, once and for all, stop the hiccups.

With six performances across four regional live theatre venues, HICCUP is part of Arts North West’s ON TOUR programming for 2023. This is a show not to be missed! After jetting to the United States and performing to sold out houses across the country, Jude Henshall and Ellen Steele’s hilarious rocking musical extravaganza, Hiccup, are coming to the New England.

“We’re stoked with the response to Hiccup and how audiences are getting behind the work,” says Co-creator Jude Henshall.

“Kids are a very tricky and honest audience. But when you manage to capture them, the theatre is totally raucous and electric, and Hiccup is the type of show that encourages a big robust response from families. We can’t wait to bring that energy to the region and, hopefully, find a cure for the hiccups”

Inspired by beloved puppet shows like The Muppets and The Ferals, the Windmill team premiered the show in 2021.

“The best type of work for young people is the stuff that speaks generationally,” says co-creator Ellen Steele.

“Nostalgia was something we really wanted to tap into and we thought about work that we watched as
children, and all of those incredible puppet shows from the 1990’s that were so unexpected and packed with colour, surprise and cheekiness.”

“We’ve worked hard to bring that sensibility to the work, and it’s been a heap of fun to see that translate into the live space.”

Get in quick as tickets are selling fast!
Upcoming dates include:

  • Wednesday 13 September 2023 10:30 am and 12:30 pm – The Capitol Theatre, Tamworth
  • Friday 15 September 2023 10:30 am and 1 pm – The Civic Theatre, Gunnedah
  • Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 11 am – The Crossing Theatre, Narrabri
  • Friday 22 September 2023 at 10 am – The Hoskins Creative Arts Centre, Armidale