Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Ever been to a mud trial? This weekend is your chance, with the Pally Mud Trials on again this Sunday August 13 at the Pallamallawa Recreational Grounds.

No idea what a mud trial is? It’s kinda like a race. Drivers take their vehicles – usually referred to as mud bombs – as fast they can around a track during a time-limited heat. But… there’s two big holes that have been soaked to make them a big bog of mud on either side of the track. Make it through the mud and complete the lap and you get 10 points. Get bogged or lose control in the mud and need the tractor to pull you out, you lose 4 points. Driver with the most points wins.

Perhaps it will be easier to show you. This video is from the Pally Mud Trial Facebook page.

There are four categories for the competition: modifieds – big beast looking vehicles like in the video above, buggies – vehicles which the entrants make themselves especially for the purpose, standards – basically a standard car, and juniors. Competition is fierce with $5500 of prize money and a lot of bragging rights up for grabs, with the Mud Bomb of the Year title to be awarded on the day.

Some call it a great family day out, some call it the dirtiest fun you can have with your clothes on. One thing’s for sure: it’s a unique kind of event and locally grown. The Boomi Mud Trials, which happens on the October long weekend, has been running since the 1960s. The Pally Mud Trials have been running since 1985.

It’s also cheap fun. Tickets are just $10 or a gold coin donation for kids under 12. Gates open at 6am and the racing starts at 9am. There’s a full BBQ and canteen facilities on site too.

So head along to the Pallamallawa Recreation grounds this Sunday and watch the mud fly! Find out more on the Pally Mud Trials facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pallymudders

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