Mon. May 27th, 2024

Looking for a good feed? Well, the verdict is in, and Armidale Ex Services Club has retained the top title for Local Club’s Perfect Plate in the New England category.

Celebrity chefs Matt Moran and Courtney Roulstan have done the rounds, tasting the culinary delights of four of our clubs across the New England who entered the state-wide competition, including Armidale Ex Services Club, Inverell Sporties, Glen Innes and District Services Club and Armidale City Bowling Club.

“We spread our wings to go to as many regions as we could, and it was great to get back to the New England as it has been a while since I got up there, so it was fantastic to get back and look around and check out some great clubs,” Moran said.

At last night’s awards there were three-statewide winners and 13 regional winners, as Armidale Ex Services Club’s The Mill Bistro stood up for the New England North West.

“Armidale took New England’s top honours, and I remember the dish very well, it was a slow cooked 16-hour brisket that has a lot of Indian spices in it, and I have to admit it was pretty damn good.”

Armidale’s head chef, Shibojyoti Basak, was pleased with the outcome as he describes the mouth-watering winning dish proudly created from local produce.

“Using the brisket, this is often one of the cuts not used but I find it the perfect meat cut that can be slow cooked and with some effort and love to it, it can create a great dish,” Basak said.

“We cooked it with our own spice combination for 24 hours then we slow cook it for 16 hours on a really low temperature, it is braised and placed on a bed of bacon and cheese mash with broccoli.”

Matt Moran also pays compliments to Glen Innes for their tasteful plate.

“Glen Innes had a beautiful butter chicken which was amazing.”

The competition raises food awareness inside clubs, and to prove they are not just about the entertainment but quality meals too.

“It was really good to see the clubs not just doing the traditional schnitty but venturing out,” Moran said.

“I think it is a great thing that you can go to the club and have a great meal.”

“Clubs have always been known for good value, and when you throw in good food the better the experience is.”

For Armidale Ex Services Club’s Chief Operation Officer, Troy Gale, it is a win for the entire club and shows how far club food has come.

“It is a great felling to do it three years in a row and it is sensational for our club and our members,” Gale said.

“Perfect Plate is a great concept for clubs to showcase the food clubs actually do.”

Want to try the region’s Club Perfect Plate? Ordering the winning dish is not off the cards.

“When we do the next menu change maybe we will try and put this on it, but otherwise it is often on our specials.”

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