Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Namoi Jobs and Trade Show is back for a second year and eager to promote local employment, foster connections, and provide a platform for positive engagement within the Narrabri Shire.

Commencing 9am on Friday 28th July at the Crossing Theatre, the event aims to change the conversation on local employment prospects.

“We want to change that conversation around education and career success in the Narrabri region with our students.” said Kodey Stanford, Business Development Manager Narrabri Industrial network.

“We wanted to provide a platform to showcase local employment and career opportunities to students, graduated and our community, to challenge that stigma that individuals have to leave the region to seek opportunities and be successful in whatever career and job they choose”.

Hosted in partnership with the Narrabri Industrial Network and Future EDU, the two-day event will have a lot on offer.

“The trade show is an opportunity for businesses in the Narrabri Shire to really promote all of the job opportunities that are available for their business, but its not just a careers expo.” said Kodey.

“Something very unique about it is not only are they able to talk to the students and the community about the jobs that they have, but they can network within each other.”

“So, we have some breaks in between our sessions.”

The expo is taking full advantage of the Crossing Theatre grounds, holding both indoor and outdoor stalls to ensure all business have a space.

“If you go outside, you will see a lot of heavy machinery and a lot of interactive displays such as WTC group, specialised civil group, Narrabri Shire Council and Whitehaven, they will all be bringing down machinery.” said Kodey.

“We have one member coming down and bringing a fire pit and fire extinguisher to show how to put out fire safely, so many different things.”

This free event has 32 local businesses registered and ready to go, organisers emphasise the importance of recognising and retaining talent in Narrabri.

“We are focussing on the Narrabri Shire,” said Kodey.

“When businesses apply to come on board, we ask the question what will they bring to our community, are they going to be taking opportunities from our businesses and our community or are they going to be adding value.”

The expo came about to fill a missing link between students and opportunities in town, and to be more accessible for local people.

“Our students have to drive two hours to Tamworth to go to a careers expo every year so we wanted to see what we could do as a community to help out little town. “

The Friday Expo, July 28, runs from 9am to 4pm, and is broken up into three sessions:

  • 9:30am-11am: Years 5 to 8
  • 11:30am -1:30pm: Years 9 to 12
  • 2pm -4pm: Graduates and community members

“Those sessions are very targeted,” said Kodey.

“Each session is a different conversation, with Year 5 to 8, we want to give some awareness to what is around, Year 8 to 12, we are talking about careers, study and opportunities and then the final session with the community it when jobseekers can come down, people looking for a career change or if they want to see what’s available in Narrabri.”

“But students are welcome to attend and then come back with their parents later.”

Saturday’s Industry Connect Gala kicks off at 6:30pm and aims to unite leaders, supporters and community members while raising funds as a ticketed event, for the Rotaract Club Narrabri.

Organisers are encouraging everyone to come down, check it out and get involved.

“Come down and support the event, whether you are short staff in your business or you want to promote the opportunities within your business, or if you are a jobseeker or a community member that is interested in the opportunities that are in Narrabri, come down and help us change the conversation around education and career success, not just in the Narrabri region but in rural communities.” said Kodey.

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