Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The small town of Bingara is preparing for an influx of visitors this weekend as their Orange Festival kicks off.

The weekend of events starts on Friday, June 30, with the traditional orange picking ceremony on Finch Street, followed by the oh-so-popular picking of the trees by Bingara Central School and preschool students. 

“The orange picking is something of its own and it is a tradition that has been going for years and the kids love to pick the oranges,” said Tiffany Galvin, Chair of Bingara Special Events Committee.

“It is so heartwarming when you see the kids picking the oranges and racing to see who got the biggest orange.”

The orange trees were planted along Finch Street in memory of the fallen soldiers and each year the student’s take their job of protecting the trees very seriously.

“No one is allowed to pick the oranges prior to this, and the kids are the orange police, so if they see anyone picking them they will rouse on you,” said Tiffany.

And according to the Bingara Special Events Committee, there are plenty of goods to save.

“There are lots of oranges on the trees at the moment.”

The oranges will be carted home to share with families and friend, while visitors are welcome to take some as well.

“Some people make orange marmalade and fresh orange juice,” said Tiffany.

“People can be very creative with their oranges.”

Friday night will wrap up with a screening of Grease at the Roxy Theatre.

The fun will continue Saturday with the Orange and Rock and Roll themed festival taking shape full of market stalls, performances, food trucks, vintage car shows, kids entertainment, a street parade and local businesses get involved in the action.

“The businesses will hold sales and decorate their windows and this year is rock and roll theme.” Said Tiffany.

There are 70 stall holders ready to open, making this year’s event the biggest ever, and a special event to draw in a bigger crowd.

Saturday will host Bingara Bullets Old Boys Day, inviting everyone to come back and celebrate to good time.

“It is a big weekend for Bingara because a lot of people come back for the orange festival and have school class reunions amongst themselves and use it as a catch up,” said Tiffany.

“This year we are hoping it will be bigger and better, especially having the Bingara Bullets play in the afternoon and the minor league in the morning, so it will be bring lots of people to town.”

All players are being asked to pull their old jerseys out for the special occasion.

Find out more about the Bingara Happy Days Orange Festival here.

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