Sun. May 26th, 2024

From Inverell to Dubai, four local netballers are taking their skills and passion internationally.

Kaitlin Driscoll, Shannon Driscoll, Emma Mozzell and Charlotte Mozzell will be heading to Dubai for the Emirates Dubai Netball Championships this December.

“They wanted to put in any Aussie team and were short a few players, so they reached out knowing we would be interested, and we were happy to jump at the opportunity,” said Kaitlin.

Majority of the team is founded through Australians currently living in Dubai, with Emma’s sister being one of those teammates. She reached out home side and was happy to see the Inverell locals up to the task.

“It will be their winter but we have looked at the weather and it is about our summer so it will be warm, and we will be playing in the desert,” said Kaitlin.

“It will be a really cool experience.”

With many years of netball under their belt, this experience will be made all the more special playing side by side with family, with our sister-sister duo in Kaitlin and Shannon and mother-daughter duo of Emma and Charlotte.

“Getting to do this with my sister and for Emma to do this with her daughter is pretty cool, we also all play for the Inverell opens representative team back home so getting to take it international is very exciting,” said Kaitlin.

The netball tournament runs alongside the annual Emirates Dubai 7s Rugby competition, from December 1st to 3rd, and expects to deliver a high standard to netball.

“I have no idea what to expect but I am pretty sure it will be very high as the competition in running in conjunction with the Rugby comp., said Kaitlin.

The quad have set up a fundraising page to help ease costs of the venture, as well as a range of events to create a fun, engaging and supportive avenues to gather donation.

“It’s about $8000 for the team’s entry cost and then there is uniforms, travel and accommodation, so it is pretty expensive which is why we are looking for some support,” said Kaitlin.

“As well as our fundraising page we are also hosting a trivia night in Inverell, that is on the 11th of August at the Aussie Hotel, they are thankfully giving us their venue for the evening.”

“So please come along from some trivia and some fun, $20 per person to enter.”

To register a table, you can visit the fundraising page here

“There will be prizes on the night kindly donated by the businesses around Inverell, who have blown us away with how supportive they have been.”

There will also be a mixed netball competition to be held in October at the Indoor Centre in Inverell. Details will be released closer to the date.

The Team is encouraging everyone to follow their Facebook support group page and stay with the team on their journey.

“Please follow a long, we will be posting in the lead up and when we head over to Dubai so that everyone can see what we are doing,” said Kaitlin.

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