Sun. May 26th, 2024

NERAM has an impressive line-up of three new exhibitions opening this Friday.

Three Echoes – Western Desert Art showcases works by 57 acclaimed artists heralding from Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff), Papunya and Utopia Aboriginal communities in the western desert regions of the Northern Territory, curated by Djon Mundine. Djon will also be giving a Curator’s tour at 5.30pm on June 2 – bookings are essential.

Artworks in this exhibition have been drawn from the private collection of Andrew Arnott and Karin Schack and reflect the significant artistic developments and moments in time that contributed to the meteoric rise of the Western Desert Art movement. These artworks hold special meaning for First Nations peoples, communicating important stories of tjukurrpa (Dreaming) and Country. The relationships within families and ancestors; with flora and fauna; and the unique land formations are the foundations of this art.

EMANATE: Recent graduates from the National Art School illuminates and celebrates the conceptual and material concerns of a new creative generation, presenting the fresh and bold work of ten emerging artists who have recently graduated from the National Art School (NAS), Sydney. There will be an artists’ talk in relation to this exhibition on Saturday at 10.30am.

Women in Stiches: There is an ongoing revival and reclamation of traditional ‘female’ needlecraft with a new generation reworking and reinterpreting techniques and subject matter. Women in Stitches explores the work of some these national and international contemporary practitioners who infuse their creations with their experiences of life with a focus on female embodiment.

Please book if you are planning on coming along https://www.neram.com.au/event/opening-night-june-2nd/

Top image: Kate Coyne, All that is left: after the cessation of uranium mining (Mary Kathleen, NW Qld) 2022. Aluminium and acrylic enamel

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