Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Inverell is another step closer to closing the gap with Bandaar Walaaybaa Community Hub Aboriginal Corporation’s newest program launching today. 

Endorsed by the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO), the Trusted Indigenous Facilitators Program aims to decrease barriers and increase opportunities through the aged care and disability sectors. 

“There is a gap in delivering our own workforce team, there is a shortage of workforce team, there is a shortage of our elders in our community who are not receiving their services and full packages, and this is where we come in,” said Carley Weatherall, Founder and CEO of the Bandaar Walaaybaa Community Hub Aboriginal Corporation.

“It allows us to deliver services for aged care and disability sector, where there is a gap or limitation.”

In the next decade, the population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People aged 50 and over is expected to double, while many have no access to suitable aged care services to meet their needs.

There are many barriers preventing their access to these services, such as difficulty navigating the system, lack of service providers, lack of appropriate culture care and the experience of racism, to name a few.

Through the Trusted Indigenous Facilitators Program Elders and older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people will have assistance to navigate and access the services they need.

Training and support will be delivered on the ground through the local team’s newly appointed Aged Car Coordinator and Aged Care Community Connector in Inverell, but extending its reach to Tingha, Ashford and Bingara.

With five already registered, the company is looking to encourage more people to access these beneficial services.

“The program is to reduce the barriers where our mob is not getting services,” Ms Weatherall said.

“It is implementing other holistic programs, not just around the one person and not just mental health, we will be covering other avenues too, during the contract.”

These three years, state-wide initiative will add to the local teams already growing profile.

Founder, Carley Weatherall, was born and a local in Inverell and used her background and 12 years experience in disability and aged care sector to officially open Bandaar Walaaybaa Community Hub Aboriginal Corporation June 2022.

“I created Bandaar Walaaybaa Community Hub Aboriginal Corporation as a place for our community (mob) to connect and reconnect back to the community and the service’s at a grass-root level.” said Carley.

“This the heart of our community and we see a need and a gap through the disadvantage our people have endured, and the hub is a place our people can come and feel safe and share their stories.”

The group has had a big focus on reconnecting with their Elders who were isolated and disengaged during the pandemic and they want to bring their knowledge forward.

With a no closed-door policy, the Hub invites everyone to come and see what they are all about.

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