Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

New Englanders in the border communities or who regularly cross into Queensland have until Sunday to have their say in a survey about the cross-border issues they face.

The survey is being run by the Office of the Cross-Border Commissioner, an office within the NSW Department of Regional NSW that champions better outcomes for people and businesses, who live and work on NSW’s borders.

Through this survey we want to better understand your experiences of working with the Office, how we can improve in the future, and what cross-border issues are important to you.

New Englanders are invited to complete this survey if you:

  • live, work or play in a NSW cross-border community, or
  • have interacted with the Office of the Cross-Border Commissioner the past three years , or
  • have views on cross-border issues

They office says they would like to hear from as many people connected with NSW’s cross-border communities as they can.

The survey takes just 10 minutes or so to complete and can be accessed here:


The survey will close this Sunday, 14 May, at midnight.

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