Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Gravesend Public School students will soon have much more shade and protection from harsh weather for learning, handball, assemblies and other activities, thanks to a new grant.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announced an $88,296 State Government grant to extend the existing covered outdoor learning area (COLA) yesterday. In addition to the COLA extension, Mr Marshall said the grant would help construct an all-weather covered walkway for students to move around the school, including the front gate, where students wait for buses and parents before and after school.

“Rain, hail or shine – students will be able to move around the school safely using sheltered walkways and the additional COLA space,” Mr Marshall said.

“The extra space will mean students can spend more time outdoors during rainy days or hot weather knowing they will be sun protected.” 

“Whether for outdoor games, eating time, or physical education lessons – everyone will benefit.”

“Summer days can be very harsh at Gravo, with the temperature frequently around the 40-degree mark, so this extra shade protection for students and staff will be very welcome.”

“Well done to Principal Jackie Todd and the school community for working towards this goal for some time, including by hosting a long lunch to raise funds for the project.”

Gravesend Public School Principal Jackie Todd said the school was excited to receive the funding.

“Our students participate in the decision making in our school and this has been one of their aspirational, high-cost projects for a number of years,” Mrs Todd said.

“We are so grateful to our P&C and our school staff for applying for this grant to ensure that the students hopes for their school can come true.”

“We appreciate the support shown to our little rural and remote school and we look forward to the project’s completion so we can get creative in our new space.”

“We have had both hot and rainy weather over the last few years and we are trying to provide a sun safe, weather proof space for them to move around the school so we can use the outdoor space all year round.”

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.