Mon. May 20th, 2024

Inverell’s skate park came alive over the weekend with tricks, flips and jumps against a backdrop of beats from local DJ Linden McGrady, with the second Inverell Skate League event.

The league is a new initiative to encourage young skateboarders and scooter enthusiasts to learn new skills, support each other and develop confidence. 

The concept of the Inverell Skate League was the brainchild of local youth leader and student teacher, Rohan Cowley, who has been an avid skateboarder for more than half his life.

With the support of Tingha Citizens Association and Inverell Apex, Cowley’s vision for a skate league materialised, with funding secured from the New South Wales Government thanks to Ladybug Projects. 

Rohan explained the skate league consists of three events, which encourage all levels of skaters to explore new tricks, support each other and increase the inclusive atmosphere of the skate park.

The weekend’s 4-hour event attracted participants from as far as Moree, who practised landing skating jumps such as cigar flips, weaving through slalom courses and hippie jump contests. 

Inverell Apex Club volunteers were on hand, cooking a barbecue for participants and president Aaron Wilkinson said the event offered a great day out for young people and a way to promote positive skate park culture. 

“Apex is proud to support the skating league and help Rohan, who is doing a great job engaging the youth in the community”. 

“It is great to see our youth out and active in a positive way”. 

“Skating and the skate park facility enables all to get involved”.

Moree parent Jimmy agreed the event offered youngsters a chance to work together and try something new.

“It’s great to have a small group and watch the kids supporting each other and cheering each other on”, he said.

The final and third free skate league event will be held 10am-2pm on Saturday 11 March and Mr Cowley says there will be prizes, skate themed games, new tricks and a free skate session, as well as a barbecue lunch for participants and DJ Lindo. 

Details will be posted on Ladybug Projects’ Facebook page and at the Inverell Skate Park.