Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

In amongst all the gloom of doctor shortages comes a ray of light in a new orthopaedic surgeon coming to practice in Armidale.

Doctor Darren Paterson is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hips and knee surgeries. He has replaced over 3000 hips and knees in his career, has trained and practiced in elite hospitals in the UK and US, and will now be in Armidale one week a month at the Armidale Private Hospital. He’ll be in town seeing patients tomorrow (Thursday, February 9).

Dr Paterson is an Advanced Robotic Arthroplasty surgeon, operating mainly out his practice in Sydney. He is also an Australian Army Reserve Orthopaedic Surgeon, commissioned Officer with the rank of Major. The highly skilled and experienced surgeon specifically chose to practice at the Armidale Private Hospital, over Tamworth or anywhere else in the region, because they have a Mako Robot.

“It’s the same robot I use for my surgeries in Sydney,” Dr Paterson said.

Armidale Private Hospital acquired the Mako Robot worth $2 million in 2021, becoming the only centre between Newcastle and the Gold Coast to have this technology. Dr Paterson is one of the most experienced Australian surgeons using the robot, having been part of the Index Group at the SAN Hospital when the robot was first brought to Australia in 2016.

The Mako Robot system is a highly advanced, surgeon controlled robotic arm. It enables the surgeon to accurately define, prepare and execute implant positioning based on individual patient CT scans.

“It enables me to more precisely position the implant during surgery, but most importantly it allows me to accurately balance the knee.”

“This translates to earlier movement, less post operative pain, and in the long term we hope greater longevity of the implant as a consequence,” Dr Paterson said.

Having spent many school holidays on the family farm at Woolbrook, Dr Paterson has a strong connection to the region. Expressing his love for the area and praise for the facilities, Dr Paterson revealed that Dr David Bradshaw, a specialist hand and microvascular surgeon, will be joining him later in the year, and will also be seeing patients in Armidale.

“I don’t understand why there is not more enthusiasm for Armidale,” he said, referring to recent news of the difficulty in attracting doctors. “It’s a lovely part of the world.”

People wishing to see Dr Paterson will need a referral from their GP. For more information or appointments contact his rooms in Sydney on 02 8599 9707.

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