Sun. May 19th, 2024

If you’re a teenager or young adult and have wanted to learn more about sustainable fashion, this is your big chance!

Inverell Shire Council will be running a two-day workshop over two weekends in February all about sustainable fashion. Regardless of whether you are keen to learn more about being more sustainable in your consumption of clothing, or want tips on how to style and shop for yourself, this workshop offers the opportunity to bring sustainability in your wardrobe.

Registration is now open for this free event. The workshop is being pitched at young local residents and is described as being gender and size-inclusive. Held at the Inverell Library, Saturday the 11th will be a full-day session, with the second session on the 18th ending at 12pm. It is a requirement on registration that attendees commit to both sessions.

The concept of sustainable fashion has been gaining attention over the last few years and can mean a range of different things. Some choose to focus more on the notion of where our clothing comes from and the ethics of the fashion industry. Whereas others prefer to concentrate more on how we consume the clothes we wear. This workshop is aiming to offer a crash course on both.

Day one of the workshop will teach attendees about how to look out for sustainable and ethical fashion choices while shopping. Expert presenters will then move on to garment care, repair and alteration before finishing with a crash course on personal styling.

Day two promises to be more hands-on and aims to put in to practice what was learnt in the previous session. Participants are invited to bring along any items from their wardrobe that they love, but may find difficult to style or wear. There will also be time dedicated to helping people learn simple repair and alteration techniques.

This is a great opportunity for young residents in the area to gain a basic knowledge of personal styling, smart shopping and becoming more self-sufficient. Registrations are essential and spots are filling up fast so make sure you secure your spot now!

Bookings via Inverell Shire Council

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