Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Farmers for Climate Action has welcomed the release of the NSW EPA Climate Change Policy and Action Plan 2023-26.

The organisation with a network of more than 2900 farmers across NSW is pleased the NSW EPA will more deeply consider climate change when it provides approvals and advice on planning matters.

Spokesperson Peter Holding, a third-generation farmer from the south-west slopes of NSW, said considering climate change impacts when planning made perfect sense.

“The farmers who grow Australia’s food are being smashed by repeat flooding, fires and drought being made worse by climate change,” Mr Holding said.

“Insurance mostly does not cover events such as floods and is steadily becoming unaffordable. 

“It makes sense to consider this reality when assessing projects which could contribute to making this worse. It also makes sense to have the most polluting businesses reduce their emissions.

“The disasters we’re now seeing are unnatural because they are largely man-made.”

Mr Holding said regional Australia was already becoming the biggest beneficiary from emissions reduction.

“Huge renewable energy projects are delivering thousands of jobs to regional Australia, with tens of thousands more in the pipeline. Community benefits funds from these projects can breathe new life into towns with upgrades to local facilities. We are already seeing battery manufacturing companies setting up in regional areas.

“Farmers will also receive vital income during drought from carbon credits, and this is a huge positive for farmers if the market is properly executed.

“We welcome the NSW EPA’s document and look forward to words becoming action.”

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