Sun. May 26th, 2024

A new second-hand saddlery and fishing equipment store is opening in Glen Innes this weekend, helping to cut the costs of enjoying the outdoors.

Tracey Waters from Second-Time Round Saddlery, who started the business with Tegan Harwood, said the motivation behind the store is to fill a gap in the market, and encourage kids and others to get outside, connect with the land, and improve their mental health.

“We are all about helping people, reducing waste and breathing life back into items that still have more to give.”

“The New England region has some of the best horse riding and fishing in the state but unfortunately before now, it has been a costly exercise to access the resources to enjoy these natural gems.”

“It is our hope that we can help parents access equipment/tools to encourage our youth to explore the outdoors instead of being bored and turning to unsavoury activities.”

“Mental health is also a big factor for us. Connecting locals back to the land and understanding that we need to respect our area to promote growth and sustainability.”

The new store sells second hand equipment on consignment at a reasonable price, making it affordable for people to give new activities a go without breaking the bank. It also reduces waste going into landfill.

“If someone has something to sell, they are welcome to bring it down to the shop, set an agreed value, we then take photos and videos to ensure the product is kept in the same condition.”

Tracey says selling on consignment through the store is both easier and safer, and avoids the potential of being ripped off by a scammer, or having strangers come to your home. They also take requests for things people want that they don’t have in stock.

“We are always on the lookout for stock, so while looking we can keep an eye out for things customers may be searching for.”

“We also have a great network of other businesses that may be able to keep an eye out, expanding your search field 10 fold.”

“Currently in stock we have what we call pre loved saddles and tack, fishing supplies – lures, rods, sinkers etc – and new and used western clothing and work boots.” 

Tracey, who is also the founder of local pet rescue group Pets Are Worth Saving (P.A.W.S.) says they also have a passion for ensuring animals are kept safe and people have access to animal care and emergency products.

“We wouldn’t do certain activities without the right gear, so why would we expect our animals to?” Tracey said.  

“We have our amazing local saddle maker Mark Dawson checking the saddles etc for us prior to putting in our store for sale, if the saddle is not safe we will not be selling it.”

The new business also offers a saddle fitting and trial service, which will involve having a set of yards on site where owners can bring their horses to see how a saddle fits.

“Just like us, not all horses are the same and very careful attention needs to be given for both the safety of the horse and rider.”

The new store is located at 17 Oliver Street, Glen Innes, and is open Monday to Wednesday 8.00am-4.00pm Thursday to Fri 9.00am-3.00pm and Sundays 8.00am -12.00pm, and they will also open for emergencies.

“Give us a call [if the store is closed]. Anyone who works with animals knows it all happens on days everything is closed – Murphys Law.”

A formal opening of the new store will happen this weekend, January 22nd, with country music singers Rachel A Jillett and Dave Nixon performing live at 10.00am.

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