Sun. May 19th, 2024

The cartel like behaviour of liquor accords has deepened in the New England with Inverell adopting of the same ‘barred from one, barred from all’ policy introduced in Armidale in September.

The policy will see patrons barred for between three months and life from all pubs and clubs in the Inverell Shire (who are members of the accord) depending on the severity of the behaviour that triggers the ban.

Liquor Accord Chairperson Tim Palmer said the strategy had seen great results in other places.

“It’s proven to be effective in reducing alcohol related violence in many communities” Mr Palmer said.

The new rules, voted in at the last Inverell and District Liquor Consultative Committee meeting, are effective immediately. When a person is banned from one venue, their name, photo and details of the offence will be shared with other venues in the region.

Liquor Accords were introduced into Australia in the 1990s and are frequently promoted as being successful in reducing alcohol related harm. Independent academic research has found little evidence that liquor accords achieve any positive benefit and a lack of available data to back the huge claims of their success.

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