Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) has announced the nation’s first ‘Koala Kiss Site’, which is part of the larger Koala Kiss Project to ensure abundant Koala populations in 50 years.

AKF Chair Deborah Tabart said they had selected the Gwydir Shire in NSW because it contained secure habitat with the ability to have certain points of the landscape connected creating ‘kiss points’.

“We see the Gwydir Shire as the perfect pilot project for our long-term vision for the Koalas’ recovery and for the first-of-its-kind Human Plan of Management,” Ms Tabart said.

“There are small discrete populations where Koalas are doing well in this area, and if we reduce the threats there should be healthy Koala populations there in 50 years.”

The Koala Kiss Project aims to link fragmented Koala habitats and identify strategic and/or regrowth opportunities. With the ultimate vision of creating the ‘Koala Kamino’ – approximately 2,543kms of prime koala habitat from Cairns to Melbourne, that can be created into an uninterrupted conservation corridor by connecting key ‘kiss points’.

The AKF will hold a workshop in Warialda with key stakeholders and community in February 2023 to discuss how a Human Plan of Management can help transform the long-term viability of Koalas in the region.