Sun. May 26th, 2024

Armidale’s first ever Skeptics In The Pub event will be held on Wednesday 24 April in the downstairs section of the Wicklow Hotel.

Skeptics In The Pub is an Australia-wide volunteer initiative of Australian Skeptics Inc whose Executive Officer (and Editor of the Skeptics Magazine), Tim Mendham, is coming to Armidale to officially launch the new group which will meet every month on a Wednesday night. The events originated in London in 1999, for all those interested in science, history, psychology, philosophy, investigative journalism and how to examine extraordinary claims of all types. A speaker (or number of speakers) is invited each month to present a topic of interest, which is followed by a discussion in a relaxed and friendly pub atmosphere.

“People from all walks of life who value critical thinking, logic, ethical decision-making, and the scientific method, are invited to these monthly get-togethers,” Tim said.

“Topics will range broadly across subjects such as health, medicine, science, technology, history, politics, the social sciences and the arts.

“The atmosphere is friendly, fun and casual. It’s a social event, a chance to get away from screens and meet like-minded mates for a drink and think.

“Just rock up at 6pm to the downstairs dining area at the Wicklow, order your dinner and drinks, and gather to hear an authoritative speaker deliver a thought-provoking and down-to-earth presentation, followed by a lively Q and A session.”

Inaugural speaker on April 24 will be UNE Professor of Sociology Alan Scott, who will examine the current re-emergence of the Political Strong Man, including Trump and Putin. Do we need to worry? What does history show? What scenarios are likely? Why is it important we all understand the Strong Man phenomenon?

Armidale has a rich tradition of politics in the pub, which for many years had its home at the Wicklow. The strong tradition of teaching politics in the PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economies) tradition at the University of New England has long fostered vibrant political discussions in town. A good turnout is expected for this inaugural event.

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