Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Police have deemed the weekend a success overall, but they’re concerned the message of road safety still isn’t getting through to New England drivers.

Of the 5,650 people stopped and interacted with by the police:

● 12 people were detected for not wearing a seatbelt

● 4 people were using their mobile phones

● 238 drivers were given infringements for speeding offences

● 13 drivers were detected with alcohol in their system

● 35 drivers had drugs in their system

● 224 people were issued with infringement notices for other traffic offences

“That is obviously concerning considering people are still not getting the road safety message,” said Inspector Kelly Wixx, Peel Highway Patrol.

While no lives were lost in our region, the rest of the state wasn’t so lucky, with the death toll climbing 87 lives in NSW for 2024, six added over the weekend.

But it’s not all bad news.

“Over the weekend I was out myself, and I did notice a significant increase in the amount of traffic out on the roads and majority of people I saw were doing the right thing,” said Inspector Wixx.

“They were obeying the road speed limit, wearing a seatbelt and trying to have their rest breaks while enjoying what our region has to offer, and getting to their destination safely,”

“That is a really good thing, people getting out and having a good time while respecting the rules.”

Police are encouraging motorists to help keep statistics down as we move into the school holiday period and with ANZAC day coming up expect more vehicles on the move.

“When you are out and about on the road make good decisions and be safe,” said Inspector Wixx.

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