Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Nominations close this weekend for the Armidale Regional Youth Awards, which recognise the work and commitment of Young People within our community.

Armidale Regional Council is seeking nominations for eight categories of the awards, with nominations closing on April 7.

Nominations for the Leadership and Community Services award are welcomed for young people who have taken on leadership roles in school or the community, been involved in impactful community service projects, or otherwise demonstrated leadership qualities.

Nominations for the Arts and Creativity award are sought for those who have achieved artistic or performance accolades, demonstrated creativity and originality in artistic pursuits, or made contributions to the arts community.

The Sports Achievement award will have no shortage of suitable nominees, seeing individuals who have had an outstanding performance in sports, demonstrated team leadership or sportsmanship, or dedication to sports training and improvement.

Nominees for the Innovation and Technology award should have completed innovative projects or inventions, demonstrated proficiency in technology-related skills, or made another contribution to the field of innovation.

The Environmental Stewardship award is another that should not be lacking a field of nominees from Armidale. Examples of achievements that would qualify a nominee in this category include active involvement in environmental projects, involvement in sustainable practices and initiatives, or awareness and education efforts.

The Social Advocacy awards will be given to a young person who has been involved in advocacy for social justice issues, impactful community outreach, or otherwise demonstrated commitment to positive change.

The Personal Growth and Resilience award recognises the achievement of those who have overcome more than most, whether it be overcoming challenges or adversity, personal development and growth, or resilience in the face of difficulties.

And the Volunteerism award will recognise hours dedicated to volunteer work, impact and contributions to the community, or leadership in volunteering initiatives.

A  Youth and Community Morning Tea will be held on Thursday 11 April, at the Armidale Town Hall to present the awards.

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