Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Local Highway Patrol are urging drivers to make good choices this long weekend, as the region’s fatality rate on the roads is creeping concerningly high.

Double demerits are now in effect with Operation Easter 2024, and will remain until Monday, April 1st.

“For the next five days police will be out targeting people who are exceeding the speed limit, drinking and using drugs and getting behind the wheel, people not wearing seat belts, using mobile phones behind the wheel and targeting people with fatigue,” said Inspector Kelly Wixx, Peel Highway Patrol.

81 lives have been lost on NSW roads already this year sparking a strong message from law enforcement.

“We are tracking to be more than what we had last year, which was the highest number we’ve had in quite a few years, which is concerning,” said Inspector Wixx.

“On the Oxley New England PD roads this year we have seen a significant increase in the amount of people who have been detected for speeding, drinking and driving, not using seatbelts, using phones and getting behind the wheel while affected by drugs.”

And when choosing to get behind the wheel, make good choices.

“You are responsible as a driver, for not only the people in your car, but for all other roads users,” said Inspector Wixx.

“The decision you make can be the difference between someone having a serious injury collision or losing their life as the result of a vehicle crash.”

Maximum number of police will be on the roads this weekend.

“We will be on the highways and the secondary roads, expect to be stopped, spoken to, drug test and breathe tested and if you are doing the wrong thing expect a fined.”

“Please make good decisions.”

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