Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Armidale Rotary Club’s Annual Quiz Night has provided Armidale Women’s Shelter with a much needed financial boost of over $40,000.

Women’s Shelter CEO, Penny Lamaro, told the gathering on Friday night at the Armidale Bowling Club, which was attended by 200 people, that the demand for assistance in Armidale had increased by 25% in 2023.

However, the Women’s Shelter has had no increase in its capacity to coincide with the increased demand.

The Shelter will receive around 650 referrals this year in Armidale, with approximately 65% related to family violence.

During 2024, the Shelter will provide around 3,100 crisis bed nights.

On any given day, there will be around 15 people on the Shelter’s waiting list for services and there will be something in the order of 60 people whose needs are unable to be met purely due to lack of resources.

The money raised at Armidale Rotary’s Annual Trivia Night will assist in strengthening the Shelter’s transitional housing program.

The transitional housing program is a key part of the journey back to independence for families affected by Family and Domestic Violence.

The Armidale Rotary Club, and the participants at the Quiz night, have ensured this vital work for the Armidale community can commence immediately.

The $40,000 donation follows previous donations from Armidale Rotary Club when in 2022 the Rotary Club assisted with repairs and refurbishment of the Shelter’s main property, such as painting, blinds, new furniture and carpeting as well as upgraded heating and cooling.

In 2023, the Rotary Club undertook a complete refurbishment of the Shelter’s children’s playground enabling the families at the Shelter to enjoy a safe and vibrant outdoor area to re- connect.

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