Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

In an impressive display at the Golden Bean World Series, Walcha Coffee Pty Ltd has been awarded two silver medals in the fiercely contested ‘Milk’ and ‘Super Automatic’ categories.

This achievement places Walcha Coffee among the elite, showcasing the exceptional quality of its blends against top competitors primarily from the USA, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

“Our path to the Golden Bean World Series was forged by our successes at last year’s Australasian Golden Bean.” said Founder, Cameron Hayton.

“Achieving recognition among the world’s best is a significant milestone for our team, our community, and our relentless pursuit of coffee perfection.”

“These accolades embody the hard work, skill, and passion embedded in every bean we roast. Special thanks to the ingenious farmer Miguel in Colombia, our dedicated team, especially Nathan & Sharon, and our loyal customers, and our supportive community.”

“These victories are yours as much as they are ours. Together, we look forward to brewing many more award-winning cups.”

The Essence of the Golden Bean World Series

The Golden Bean World Series, a prestigious coffee roasting competition, was founded to celebrate the artistry of coffee roasters worldwide.

With a commitment to inclusivity and excellence, the competition has become the world’s largest and really a cornerstone event, connecting the coffee community from farm to cup.

Last year in Hawaii, this year, Melbourne, Australia, hosted the world’s top roasters in a testament to coffee excellence.

About Walcha Coffee
Walcha Coffee, nestled in NSW, embodies the spirit of innovation and tradition.

Our award-winning blends, inspired by Australian legends and the rich agricultural tapestry of Walcha, reflect our dedication to quality and ethical sourcing.

The recent accolades at the Golden Bean World Series highlight our position as leaders in the coffee industry, dedicated to crafting unique coffee experiences for our customers.

Walcha Coffee Pty Ltd is already listed on Metcash’s “Chargethrough” system and is currently able to sell into any supermarket in NSW and QLD.

With an eye on the future, Walcha Coffee is thrilled to introduce new blends and product offerings and expand our presence.

The upcoming Seasons of New England expo in Uralla and their stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show marks the beginning of exciting community engagements and product launches.

“Our plans are for a new bagging factory in Walcha and increased participation in trade shows underscore our commitment to growth, sustainability, training, and community.” said Cameron.

Experience Award-Winning Coffee

Dive into the world of exquisite flavours with Walcha Coffee’s Thunderbolt and Nat Buchanan blends.

Discover our World Series Blend soon, and see why they’re celebrated worldwide.

Visit www.walchacoffee.com.au (https://www.walchacoffee.com.au) or follow on Instagram @WalchaCoffee for the latest updates.