Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Communities across Moree who have grappled with the impacts of drought, COVID and flood, will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable night of free entertainment, with acclaimed country music artist Sara Storer.

The Moree Plains Shire Council is proud to present this Community Recovery Tour as part of the RICOCHET series of events that will provide communities across the Shire with the opportunity to connect, recover and prepare for future events. 

The RICOCHET project is designed to assist and support residents to develop connected, sustainable, resilient, creative and inclusive communities.  

The Community Recovery Tour will see multi-award-winning performer Sara Storer, along with her talented brother Greg, perform six shows across the Moree Plains Shire from 15 to 24 March.

The Storer name is synonymous with Australian country music. This exceptional tour comes on the back of the successful release of their album SToReR in 2023, featuring the outstanding track ‘Dust Kids’ that took out the Golden Guitar for Bush Ballad of the Year at this year’s Toyota Country Music Awards.

The famous siblings know first-hand just how challenging life in rural Australia can be at times. They were born in Wemen in Victoria where their parents farmed wheat and cattle. Sara went on to write and sing about life in the country while Greg, along with his family, moved to Warren in NSW where they continued the farming tradition.

Sara’s career in music took off when she won the Best New Talent of the Year Golden Guitar in Tamworth in 2001 and has since taken out 22 more gongs, including a coveted ARIA. This stunning achievement has resulted in Sara winning more Golden Guitars than any other female artist.

Greg’s talent for composing and preforming music emerged later when her began co-writing with his sister with the two of them taking home a Golden Guitar for a duet called ‘When I Was A Boy’ in 2010.

The planned Community Recovery Tour has already lifted Sara’s spirits who said “Greg and I are so conscious of the hardships that many in country Australia have endured over the past few years – particularly the catastrophic floods.  It must be soul destroying for so many and our hearts go out to those affected. We hope that our tour will bring some hope and put a smile of the faces of everyone in the community.”

“We know, through personal experience, that when you’re doing it tough, it’s vitally important to come together as a community, unwind and enjoy some down time together,” she said.

Entry to the event is free.  The community is invited to sit under the stars and celebrate the exceptional talents of one of the Australia’s greatest singer songwriters.

Sara Storer will be touring to Gurley, Mungindi, Boggabilla, Moree and Pallamallawa. 

GurleyGurley Recreation Ground  15 Mar7PM
MungindiMungindi Showground16 Mar7PM
BoggabillaBoggabilla Oval   17 Mar5PM
BoomiBoomi Memorial Hall 22 Mar7PM
MoreeMoree Showground 23 Mar7PM
PallamallawaPallamallawa Memorial Hall24 Mar5PM
Sara’s Tour Dates

Sara Storer

Writing from the heart and singing from the soul, surveying the people and land around you and letting stories inspire your creativity and guide your craft.

That’s what makes a songwriter genuine and honest and 22-time Golden Guitar winner Sara Storer has consistently shown she personifies those qualities. In fact, she’s done that right from the start, nearly 20 years ago when she released her first album Chasing Buffalo.  She has since released more than 20 albums, a fascinating musical chapter in the life of Australian songwriter Sara Storer.

“It takes me a couple of years to write a new album. It’s a bit of a waiting game because stories come by chance or at times a want about an issue or situation that I feel has a good message. The exciting part is when you get to sing them for the first time. Whether it’s the early stages of sharing them with family, management, your producer or record label or when it’s complete and the song is heard by an audience. You then get a sense of whether it has done its job. The more songs that weigh in, the heavier the album.”

Born in the Mallee in country Victoria, Sara has studied in Melbourne, wrote her first song in Western Queensland, worked as a teacher in the Northern Territory and now lives in Darwin with her husband Dave and their four sons. The land, family and an innate and empathetic understanding of what it is to live in Australia are themes that run strongly through her songs.

Collaboration has always been a strong part of Sara’s creativity. From her time in the country music trio Songbirds alongside Beccy Cole and Gina Jeffries, to the Broad Festival project with Deborah Conway, Katie Noonan, Ruby Hunter and Clare Bowditch, Sara has always relished working with other singers, describing it as being “lovely when you have an album that takes off down another track – duets do that for me.”

It’s her authenticity that sets her apart; her deeply personal storytelling enshrining her as one of the most talented songwriters that this country has ever produced. Audiences have been flocking to Sara’s shows for over 20 years. She continues to release music of substance and receive praise from her peers including Paul Kelly, John Williamson, Colin Hay and The Waifs.

Greg Storer

Greg is Sara Storer’s older brother and a working farmer on a share property with his brothers near the Western NSW town of Warren.

Although he is an unlikely singer, songwriter and musician in many ways, his raw talent and authentic stories and songs have set him apart from many of his peers.

Greg Storer is described by Country Update Magazine reviewer, Kim Cheshire as having a “rich, soulful voice sitting somewhere between Chris Rea and Guy Clark”, and goes onto say that “…he’s obviously no novice when it comes to expressing himself musically and lyrically” and that “he manages to cover a variety of roots / country styles without really sounding like anyone else. Storer regales us with the hard earned wit and wisdom that comes from a life on the land.”

Greg has written or co-written a number of songs through the years that have made their way onto Sara’s albums, many of which have been nominated or won awards, including the coveted Golden Guitars.

Greg released a highly acclaimed solo album called Backwater in 2010 and contributed songs to Sara’s albums including her latest release, Raindance.

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