Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Warialda Public School, Toomelah Public School and Hillvue Public School have been selected as three of 100 new public preschools announced for NSW.

This is the biggest expansion of public preschools in NSW history.

“This announcement is great news for local youngsters and families,” Mr Adam Marshall said, Northern Tablelands MP.

“These new preschools will help ensure children are ready for kindergarten, making the transition to school as seamless as possible.”

“We cannot underestimate the power of early childhood education and the importance of children having access to free, five days per week, play-based learning in the year before school.”

“Investment in early childhood services in the regions is critical to ensure our children are starting school with the emotional, social, and cognitive skills they need.”

The public preschools will improve access for families across NSW, with sites selected by a NSW Department of Education Panel, overseen by an independent chair and probity advisor, based on rigorous assessment criteria which considered educational need, child development and socioeconomic data, preschool demand, infrastructure feasibility and insights gained through consultation.

Co-locating public preschools with existing schools will ensure children are ready for kindergarten and will assist busy working families with cost-of-living pressures, help avoid the double drop off, and make the transition to school as seamless as possible.

After more than a decade of decline in education outcomes, the NSW Government will prioritise quality education in the early years, giving every child the best start for success.

“Children who receive high quality early childhood education can benefit throughout their life, and it is so important families are able to access good quality services wherever they live.” said Premier of New South Wales, Chris Minns.

It is expected that the new preschool will open by 2027, pending building and regulatory approvals.

“No matter where you grow up, it should not determine your access to a good education, even before you begin school.” Mr Marshall said.

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