Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The Moree Community is showing their support as the local council places Moree Saleyards up for new ownership. 

Moree Plains Shire Council is seeking an Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitable applicants who may be interested in leasing or purchasing the Moree Livestock Selling Centre. 

“It is action, where there was no action.” said Col Pring, Moree Producer.

“The community wants to see it operating, whether that be with a lease or some who buys it, but just something.” 

The property comprises 16 ha site within the Moree Special Activation Precinct (SAP) and adjacent to the Inland Rail. The site currently features a selling and holding livestock facility with cattle selling pens together with overhead walkways and laneways, transport loaders, two weighbridges, as well as feeding and watering systems. 

The facility has been out of operation for almost two years, attracting plenty of community cries to see it reopened, previously covered by the New England Times in March 2023- Petition demands Moree Saleyards reopen | New England Times (netimes.com.au) 

“Operations ceased when there were OHS issues at the saleyards, and those saleyards had been operating as they were in the condition they were in for quite a long time, and then all of a sudden they were closed.” said Col. 

“It costs us a lot more money to take our cattle elsewhere to sell them, and it’s also a domino effect of the community,” 

“When we are away, we are spending our dollars on other communities rather than supporting Moree businesses.” 

A lot has changed in two years, with dry spells a concerning period for cattle producers, and future predictions not in our favour, however, the community is committed to keeping their local service. 

“We want to be able to sell out cattle locally, so we are open to all sorts of suggestions.” said Col. 

“From a cattle farmer’s point of view, it is a major priority with many cattle producers not only in Moree shire, but wider shires.” 

Moree is a centre point for producers from Goondiwindi, Narrabri, Collerenbri and Lightning Ridge, and now could be the time to bring it back. 

“When it went really dry it was doom and gloom from the Bureau of Meteorology about a drought, no one would want to invest in a livestock center if there wasn’t going to be cattle put through the centre.” said Col. 

“But now there are a lot people who would be interested in buying and selling their cattle because the market has taken a bit of a kick, prices are up, not the highest, but up from where they were, cattle prices are good again which people will be using the yards.” 

EOI Breakdown 

Moree Plains Shire Council General Manager Kelvin Tytherleigh said that future maintenance and operation of the facility is central to the EOI process.  

“Council is calling for Expressions of Interest for lease or purchase of the Moree Saleyards, subject to the condition that the facility must continue to be operated as an ongoing commercial concern.” 

“Council wishes to use this Expression of Interest process to explore the potential alternatives for the operation of the Saleyards facility, including the possibility of entering into a lease agreement to operate the business and maintain and clean the saleyards,” said Mr Tytherleigh. 

Alternatively, Council also seeks non-complying Expressions of Interest for additional or alternate uses for the site. 

Download the EOI document here: https://www.mpsc.nsw.gov.au/tenders-and-expressions-of-interest