Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Aleyce Simmonds is Tamworth’s very own Queen of country music. She is an ambassador, an artist, a role model, and this year she is taking on a new role. A mum.

“We welcomed our daughter, Georgia Daisy, on 4th December, and she has been a very very long time coming, so we are just over the moon to finally have her here.” said Aleyce.

This year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival will look a little different for Aleyce, with reduced performances, she will be getting a new perspective on the festival with her family, husband Nathan and daughter, Georgia Daisy, by her side.

“I am doing a show in Toyota Park on Thursday Night [25th January], it’s a live and local show I am helping to organise that I am part of,” said Aleyce.

“It will be a half hour set on the big stage that will also be streamed online, that will be the main thing I do as well as a few song writer shows, so a lot more stripped back than usual, but I will still be busy.”

“I am most looking forward to strapping on my daughter with her little earmuffs and checking out some artists and soaking up the music,”

“It has been 20 something years since I have been able slow down and just enjoy it and maybe even discover some talent.”

Taking motherhood in her stride, now the singer-songwriter is ready for her new challenge.

“Motherhood is so beautiful,” said Aleyce.

“I am extremely overtired and forgetting even mid-sentence what I am saying because I am so tired, but every time I look at her I just feel so fortunate to have this.”

And she is lucky enough to share this moment with her two sisters, Karlee and Sarah, all tackling this journey together as the Simmond’s family adds more members to the band.

“We have one nephew, Albert, for my sister Karlee, for a few years and then all of a sudden my other sister Sarah had a little girl, Lavina, this last year and then Karlee had another one, so now we have four children in the mix and all three of us had a child last year, so the Simmonds household was very busy at Christmas time.” said Aleyce.

New Song to Touch Hearts

However, having a baby has not slowed her career down, with the release of her new song ‘Being a Mother’ out now.

This piano ballad captures her dream of becoming a mother, while accepting life doesn’t always go to plan.

“It was meant to come out before Georgia’s birth, but she decided to come a little bit earlier, so we released it on the 8th December, and it is great to have it out there.” said Aleyce.

You can catch Aleyce playing her new song in Toyota Park with an extremely proud, and very adorable daughter, listening for the first time from the sideline.

“When I first wrote this song and showed my mum she said I don’t think you are going to be able to play this live, its going to very emotional, but that is why I wrote it and wanted to release it,” said Aleyce.

“Not only to help other people out there in the same position who have infertility problems and maybe they had to go through the IVF route like we did, but to make them feel less alone,”

“But it’s also about letting go and moving on and just go, wow, it has been really hard and a long time of at least four years trying to fall pregnant and now we have this beautiful baby girl.”

“It will be a very emotional moment, but also a beautiful and a bit of healing.”

So, from Tamworth’s Country Music royalty, resident or visitor, make the most of the festival,  support the artsist, and you never know who you might see walking around with a new baby rocking some earmuffs.

“Get out and enjoy the festival, it is such an amazing time.” said Aleyce.

“Its right here on our doorstep and we need to make the most of it.”

“Numbers are already up so it is looking like it will be a good year.”

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