Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

For the first time ever, the Links for Life Disability Expo is at full capacity with 86 exhibitors eager to put their business or products on show.

Next Thursday, 14th September, Tamworth Sports Dome will be buzzing as people head down to the annual expo of disability support services and suppliers to learn what is available to help them live their best life.

“The committee is blown away by the number of sign-ups this year, and we are really looking
forward to delivering a great event for our community,” said Kate Ottewell, Treasurer of Links for Life.

This year the expo will have a new quiet hour from 1pm to 2pm, as well as tip sheets to help visitors
ask the right questions.

“Sometimes you don’t know what to ask all of these providers, so we are hoping to help you find the
right care you need,” said Kate.

There’s also a booklet of information produced in conjunction with the event so you don’t have to worry if you can’t get to everyone.

Doors open at 9:30am and everyone is encouraged to come down and check it out.

This is the full list of exhibitors who are participating in the Expo.
360 Health Club
Ability Action Australia
Acacia Medical Equipment
Active Fitness Tamworth Coaching
Adina Community Services
Advocate Alliance Community Support Services
Agile Support Services
AIMBig Employment Services
APM Employment Services
Assisted Care Australia
At Work Australia
BEST Community Connections
BEST Employment
Blitzit Plan Manager
Boomaroo Plan Management
Bowerbird Support Services (not attending- information in booklet only)
Brighter Access
Bundalee Care Services
Carers NSW
Centacare Plan Management
Challenge Community Services
Compass Allied Health
Council for Intellectual Disability
Dejay Medical
Disability Consulting Support
Dixie and Thyme Counselling
Eagle Plan Management
Enlarge Living
Espire (not attending- information in booklet only)
Fiona’s Minibuses (not attending- information in booklet only)
Flourish Australia
Friendly Faces Helping Hands
Gail Walker Independent Coorindators of Supports
Gunnedah Workshop Enterprises
HNE Kidshealth Services & ACI Transition Care Service
Holistic Nursing Services
Holistic Recovery
Impala Nursing Services
Inclusive Getaways
Inspire Services Group
Joblink Plus
Jobs Australia Enterprises
Just Bee Cos
Justice Advocacy Service
Kelch Care
Kirinari Community Services
Lavender Plan Management
Leap In
Legal Aid NSW
Lifestyle Solutions
Little Angel Home Care
Little Blue Wren Services
Magenta Community Services
Modern Community Services
Molmike Medical
My TRC Volunteer
National Disability Coordinator Officer Program
National Disability Insurance Scheme
NDSP Plan Managers
New England Behaviour Supports
New England Support Services
North and North West Community Legal Services
Northaven Disability Service
Northcott Early Childhood Approach
NSW Fair Trading
One Connection Disability Services
Rural Fit
Scooters and Mobility New England North-West
Service NSW
Services Australia
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
Sunnyfield Disability Services
Tamworth Buslines
Tamworth Community College
Tamworth Kootingal Horse Riding Adventures
Tamworth Meals on Wheels
The Benevolent Society
Triumph Care
Wolf Guidance Support Services

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