Mon. May 27th, 2024

When a script writer for Playschool helps develop a campaign, you know it’s going to be anything but ordinary. 

The team from Seasons of New England knew they were on to a good thing when Carlo Ritchie lent his talents to their first project in 2019.  This early collaboration led to a campaign that still resonates with their audience today and shares some beautiful New England scenery, with a typically unique spin on why it’s a great idea to discover the New England. 

The first video: Discover the New England

The new collaboration has resulted in a video that invites you to discover the region through the products that are made here and the people who make them.   With a mildly eccentric take on the nursery rhyme, “butcher, baker candlestick maker” the video takes you on an entertaining tour of all things New England, enticing you to put the region at the top of your travel – and shopping – itinerary.  

The new video: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker

It’s all part of a campaign to reinforce the value of spending your shopping dollars on products that are made by hand and produced locally.  For example, a New England based maker will provide value across multiple layers of our local economy.  Through sourcing their supplies and raw materials, using local design and photographic services, plus local employment opportunities to name just a few areas that see benefit.  

Tara Toomey from Seasons of New England says they had a special launch event in Uralla on Friday night to celebrate the launch of the new video, before releasing it yesterday.

“Our purpose with Seasons of New England has always been to encourage people to discover the New England through the products that are made here and the people who make them,” Tara said.

“If we can all make a conscious decision this year to spend our dollars on products that are made and produced in the New England we will all make a huge difference to our local economies right across the region.”

Learn more at www.seasonsofnewengland.com.au.

The next Seasons Expo is on Saturday 23rd March 2024 in Uralla NSW.

Top image: Gathering of the New England community of makers and supporters at the Seasons Store in Uralla. L – R : Stephen Dobson, Lyn Dobson, Michael Croft, Cathie Sutherland, Jayne Croft, Joanie Desrochers and baby, Tara Toomey, Richard Daugherty, Katelyn Wall, Justin Wall.

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