Sun. May 19th, 2024

Armidale locals will soon be able to scoot to their destinations, becoming the newest location in NSW to welcome a trial of shared scheme e-scooters.

The trial, which is expected to run for 12 months from Thursday 7 September, allow e-scooters, hired through Beam Mobility, to be ridden across most of Armidale, including from The University of New England to the city centre. The trial follows an earlier trial of the e-scooters in the Lake Macquarie area.

Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said the e-scooter trial will open up a new mode of transport for the people of Armidale, giving people the option of a convenient, low cost and low emission journey.

“These scooters will be a great option to jump on and get to your destination or to get out and explore this beautiful city.”

“We look forward to seeing how the e-scooters are used and enjoyed by locals and visitors over the next 12-months.”

Armidale Regional Council Mayor Sam Coupland said the e-scooters provide a cheap and accessible mode of transportation that cuts back on our Co2 emissions.

“Trialing e-scooters across the city is a step in the right direction to our region achieving its Zero30 carbon emissions goals.”

Beam’s General Manager (ANZ) Tom Cooper said they will be forming partnerships with local community members and organisations, and engaging in discussions around the safe operation of e-scooters to ensure the safety of riders, pedestrians and other road users

“We have seen shared micromobility take off in other cities and towns across the country, with data showing a shift from cars to our climate neutral e-scooters for shorter trips under 5 km, and we look forward to seeing the same modal shift benefits in Armidale.”

“We know e-scooters are new to the community, and we are committed to working closely with the local community to ensure riders know their responsibilities when on an e-scooter.”

The e-scooters feature safety-first technology that will support both rider education and enforcement, including GPS tracking, geofencing and speed limiting technology to ensure safe integration into the city’s transport network.

The scooters are limited to a maximum of 20km/h on bicycle paths, or roads with a speed limit up to 50 km/h, and a speed limit of 10km/h for shared paths. E-scooters are not permitted for use on footpaths. Riders must adhere to the rules of the trial, wear a helmet, remain below the speed limits and must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Privately owned e-scooters remain illegal on NSW roads and road-related areas, including footpaths, shared paths and bicycle lanes.

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