Mon. May 27th, 2024

NSW renters will soon have a strong voice to government with the announcement today that sector leader Trina Jones will be the first NSW Rental Commissioner.

The commissioner will work with the government to design and implement changes that rebalance the rental market, making it fairer and more modern. Ms Jones was previously the CEO of Homelessness NSW. She also previously led the development of the Sydney 10 year Homelessness Action Plan, the Emergency Response Protocol for People Sleeping Rough, and Homelessness Assertive Response Team (HART) – leading to long term housing and support outcomes for people experiencing homelessness.

In her role as NSW Rental Commissioner, Ms Jones will be a voice for renters and work with the Government and stakeholders to get moving on the reforms open for consultation now, including:

  • making it easier for renters to have pets in their homes
  • ending ‘no-grounds’ evictions
  • implementing a portable bonds scheme that allows renters to transfer bonds from one property to another
  • improving the protection of renters’ information and privacy.

Beyond these proposed changes, the Rental Commissioner will also be responsible for identifying and investigating other issues that are impacting the NSW rental market.

The commissioner will examine rental affordability and supply, encourage longer term rental agreements, investigate ways to improve energy efficiency for renters, develop educational resources for renters and owners, and monitor current tenancy laws.

Premier of NSW Chris Minns said the appointment is an important step to addressing some of the issues facing renters and importantly giving them a voice.

“Anyone who rents in NSW knows just how anxious and challenging the process can be to find suitable accommodation, not to mention the rent increases and cost of living pressures.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the new commissioner to make our state a fairer place for both renters and owners.”

“We can’t fix years of problems in the rental market overnight, but we have already made a start and we are determined to do more.”

Minister for Fair Trading and Better Regulation Anoulack Chanthivong said he was looking forward to working with Ms Jones on improving stability and fairness in the rental market.

“Renters are almost a third of the state and they deserve secure and fair housing, Trina’s job will be to advocate and drive meaningful change.

“The housing challenge isn’t just about affordability, it’s about amenity too – and we need rules that let renters get on with their lives with the rights and security they need.

Ms Jones said her mission is to amplify the voice of renters, help strengthen their rights and improve the fairness of the rental market.

“I look forward to working closely and productively with government, industry, renters and owners across our state as we collaboratively search for solutions to our housing challenges.”

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