Mon. May 27th, 2024

Over 750 baseballers will converge on Tamworth this weekend as the city hosts its 54th June long weekend baseball carnival.

From big hitters to bunters, there will be no shortage of talent and entertainment at the local baseball fields.

“We have 52 teams from across the state and coming out of ACT and QLD attending,” said David McMurray, President Tamworth Baseball Association.

“To have all of these teams keep coming back year after year, obviously they enjoy their baseball, and they look forward to coming to Tamworth for this particular weekend.”

New England will be represented by teams from Tamworth and Armidale as they look for bragging rights on home soil. But it’s not all serious, with nine grades eager to put on a show.

“From baseballers in A and B grade, who play in the Australia Baseball league, down to my grade, in I grade, where we are here for a good time,” David said.

“Whilst they are having a go and taking it seriously it’s also a very social atmosphere.”

The Tamworth tournament has opted to preference wooden bats over the weekend, putting safety first.

“We realise in the higher grades they use wooden bats in the normal competition, but there is a preference that we do use wooden bats for the other grades because we don’t know the calibre of the athletes that are attending,” David said.

“So as a safety measure, we have requested visiting teams use wooden bats.”

Tamworth Baseball Association pays tribute to the town’s capacity to host sporting events, such as this weekend, and is proud to be part of the economic injection to come.

“Tamworth has got tremendously well-managed sporting facilities and we always find accommodation is at a premium, as is our baseball.” Said David.

Tamworth Baseball Association took possession of their new ride on lawn mower this week, just in time to keep their 14 baseball fields in pristine condition, as well as new upgrades to the grounds.

“The batting tunnels are now available for use and the bullpens have a little bit of work to be done on them, but they’ll be ready for the June carnival,” David said.

“So huge improvements to the local Tamworth Baseball fields and I am sure our visitors will be quite impressed when they arrive.”

So, if you are looking for something to do this long weekend, head down to the Baseball Fields along the Peel River from June 10th to 12th.

“It will be a round robin competition in every grade and on the Monday, there will be a grand final for each grade.”

Or if you have every thought of picking up a bat, this weekend is the chance to check out all the action.

“Anyone who is interested in having a look at baseball and what it is all about, or you want to consider joining the local Association, come and check it out.”

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