Mon. May 27th, 2024

The Push Up Challenge is on again this June, seeking to reduce mental health stigma and promote open and honest conversations about mental health struggles.   

The mental health charity Push For Better Foundation established The Push-Up Challenge to celebrate exercise’s positive impact on the body and mind. This year they have partnered with Lifeline and Movember for the fitness based event that aims to raise awareness about mental health and well-being.

It runs from 1-23 June 2023; anyone can participate anywhere across Australia. All you need is your body, loose-fitting clothing and a little determination. Participants aim to complete 3,144 push-ups over 23 days, representing the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2021.

You can register as a team or an individual and are encouraged to share your experiences and challenges with others, fostering a culture of openness, community and support.

Nick Hudson, the founder of The Push-Up Challenge, said the event is about breakdown the stigma of mental health issues.

“The Push-Up Challenge is a great way to get fit, connect with your community and do something positive for your mental health, all while honouring lives tragically lost to suicide.”

“It’s likely everyone will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lives, so by pushing up and learning about mental health, we hope to break down the stigma attached to mental illness so that Australians don’t think twice about reaching out for help.”

In the New England region, 40 people died by suicide between 2017 – 2021, which is roughly on par with the national average.

“We know that talking about anxiety, depression, and suicide opens up the channels for people to feel comfortable taking to a mate or a friend when they are feeling down,” said Kimberley Squires, Community Engagement Coordinator, Lifeline New England North West.

“Armidale now has trained Crisis Supporters taking calls from Australians struggling with isolation, crisis, anxiety and sadness.”

The funds raised from this help to ensure that Lifeline can continue to provide essential support services to those in need, including the 24/7 crisis support helpline.

Every participant is encouraged to set up a fundraising page and seek donations from friends, family, and colleagues.

The initiative has received support from various organisations, including the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), and the National Farmers’ Federation.

The success of the Push-Up Challenge highlights the growing awareness and recognition of the importance of mental health and well-being in the workplace. Sign up, get involved and help make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Find out more at https://www.thepushupchallenge.com.au/

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