Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Tamworth is rolling out the red carpet to new residents, hoping to form new friendships, new networks and new opportunities for the city and the region.

The initiative comes after previous new resident events ceased in 2019 due to COVID. Now, Tamworth Regional Council is ramping up its efforts to engage with those looking to call Tamworth home.

“We want to re-establish a new residents network evening a few times a year, where we can invite the new people who come to our city or come to our region,” said Russell Webb, Mayor of Tamworth.

“We want to invite them to a venue and talk to them about what is happening, what the opportunities are within our region, talk about school and business and service clubs they can get involved with.”

“And if people are coming from overseas talk to them about their engagement with multicultural Tamworth and how they can link in with community groups, make friends, get involved and at the same time learn of the opportunities with employment and education.”

This free evening aims to deliver connections with local people as well as stalls with relevant services available to discuss important topics while enjoying light refreshments and entertainment by local performers.

Tamworth Regional Council has confirmed there will be 25 businesses, community groups and non-for-profit organisations in attendance to showcase their services, as well as provide helpful information to assist new residents in navigating their way around the community.

“These are things people need to know about, but also when you move as a family to a new community it is also about making a connection with people in that community so you can fit in,” said Mr Webb.

“People are moving to our region and our city. A lot for employment opportunities, a tree change or a better quality of life.”

“We want to make sure when they to come to our centre, they do fit in with the community.” 

The first event will be held this month, 24th May, at Tamworth Town Hall, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

“This is open mainly to new residents but anyone who would like to come along and meet the new residents and help us support those new people to establish themselves in Tamworth and find their feet within our region.”

“We are restarting something that has worked before, and I believe it will work again.”

If you are interested in attending, please contact Tamworth Regional Council, or RSVP using this form https://www.tamworth.nsw.gov.au/about/forms/new-residents-event

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