Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Tenterfield’s Oracles of the Bush is returning for a four-day cultural event encompassing live performances of Australia bush poetry, literature, music and more.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Tenterfield’s Autumn bliss of changing tree, Australia has never looked so good.

“Oracles of the Bush is Australia’s only boutique bush poetry festival. Whilst there are other festivals around Australia, we are the only festival that is dedicated to the celebration of bush poetry.” said Lara Flanagan, Looming Legends Coordinator and Oracles of the Bush Committee Member.

Running over three nights and four days, from the 30th of March to 2nd April, the festival boasts 17 venues, 18 different events and endless entertainment of amazing poets and balladeers capturing the essence of Australian storytelling.

“We have a variety of Australian themed venues. We have breakfast out at the base of Bald Rock early Saturday morning, right in the heart of the Aussie bush. We have paddock to plate luncheon at Arrajay Downs in a really rustic shed and so much more.” said Lara.

The Looming Legend Bush Poetry Competition is a significant and popular component of Oracles of the Bush, offering cash prizes for both writing and performances of bush poetry, and open to all ages.

“We run a children’s competition. There is a written poetry component, there is an art competition, and we have a children’s concert on the Friday night. So, any school age child, from any area, can enter and same with the adult competition.” said Lara.

“The person who wins the Looming legends is the person who performs their own piece of poetry, and this year first prize is $1,023. It is one of the largest prize pools in Australia. We do recognised novice entrants also, as well as people’s choice.”

If you are looking to purchase tickets, you better get in quick, as they are almost sold out for the weekend.

“We live in a world that is so negative and this is a weekend where old fashion things are really celebrated, like storytelling, you meet new people. You literally sit in these events and moment you are laughing and the next moment you are crying. There is an old fashion element to me that is all about pure soul food. It really is a wonderful weekend.”

If you do miss out this year, 2024 dates are already released. Lock in April 4th to 7th, 2024, with tickets to go on sale in January. For those who do secure tickets, enjoy your weekend, and check out the website for the festival’s full program; www.oraclesofthebush.com

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