Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

In the many smaller localities throughout the New England, the local hall is a treasured centre of the community, well loved and cared for. None more so than the Nullamanna Hall which turns 85 this year.

With a population of just 171 people, the hall is surprisingly well used, with an event for the community held every month. They have also been celebrating the significant milestone birthdays of the hall every five years, providing a great opportunity for the community to come together.

In preparation for this year’s event, they have had a solar system installed on the roof, insulated the canteen, and added power points along with a rangehood plus backsplash, and gas connection. They’ve also had a number of large trees pruned to make the site safer.

Nullamanna Reserve Land Manager Secretary/Treasurer Yvette Crowther said as the hall approached the 85 year milestone they want to ensure it remained a connection point within the community.

“Long term we have plans for a potential extension of the hall, to allow for a kitchen to be installed. This will help continue to improve the working conditions for our volunteers and facility infrastructure for our users.”

The celebrations for the 85th birthday kick off with a light lunch on Saturday at 12, and then afternoon tea while people have a chat and catch up. Then a two course dinner on Saturday night, and breakfast from 8am on Sunday, followed by a BYO picnic at Inverell Pioneer Village.

Those wanting to camp overnight can do so but they need to book a campsite.

During the afternoon, the organisers will be endeavouring to collect additional information about the village. They are working towards adding further memorials, and are currently collating names for a WWII board. They would also like to make a mini history of our area through linking families to properties, and are asking anyone with relevant information to email or bring it along to the birthday celebrations.

Those planning to attend are asked to RSVP for each day with the names and ages of those attending by the 31st of March.

For more information, RSVP and campsite bookings:

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