Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The Guyra Sporting Shooters Association has been awarded a State Government grant to solar panels and a battery to their club house, giving them reliable power for the first time.

Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced the grant, worth almost $11, 937, yesterday and said Guyra Sporting Shooters Association members applied for the Community Building Partnership funding after deciding it was time their club house had power to improve the facilities and phone and internet connections.

“For the first time, the club house will have its own source of power which will allow members to install computers and other technology that will make their events at the range a lot easier to operate and much safer,” Mr Marshall said.

Previously the club house had been reliant on a generator. The grant will be used to put solar panels with backup battery on the club house roof and then they will put in lighting and install a water pressure pump.

“Most importantly, on the club’s list of improvements is phone and internet connection,” Mr Marshall said.

“It became apparent recently, when a visitor to the range needed medical assistance, that their ability to communicate with emergency services was lacking.”

“As can be the case with mobile coverage in the bush, anyone needing to make a call had to travel five minutes down the road to get a connection.”

Member Michael Hay said the lack of mobile coverage at the range had become a health and safety issue and they’d decided they needed to provide their site with phone and internet connection.

“The history behind this project arises from the fact that a visitor to the club needed to be taken to town for medical assessment,” Mr Hay said.

“It was on that day the discussion began as to how help would be obtained in an emergency because as it stands now, decent phone service is five minutes down the road in either direction.

“The other reason is all attendance recording is being done online and all that information can be sent and received at the time it is needed.

“Thanks to Adam for his support in getting this funding so we can improve our club facilities.”